Holiday traditions: anecdotes from Eastern’s own

Frank Martinez, bookstore manager”I enjoy spending Christmas with my daughter. I love putting up the Christmas tree with her and I love watching her play with her toys. Most of all, I love watching her reaction when she’s opening up her presents Christmas morning.”

Evan Moyer, first-year”Every New Year’s my friends and I have gotten together. We’ve been doing it since the 7th grade. This year will be especially special because it was the first year we were all apart at college. I imagine there will be some good stories to tell this year.”

Peter Knotts, sophomore”One Christmas, we had to visit my dad in a hospital in Texas. He was working on phone lines in an area affected by Hurricane Rita. It was a near fatal accident, so being able to spend that Christmas with him, even in the hospital, was real special.”

Rachel Lambert, senior”Christmas Eve, my little sister and I roll out sleeping bags in my older sister’s bedroom. Our dad eventually comes in to read us ‘Twas the Night before Christmas. Eventually I wake up at 2 a.m. and go back to my own bed because my little sister snores loud.”

Aimee Kugel, senior”Every year, Mom and I decorate the house a week before Christmas. We end up traveling all around the county the week before Christmas looking for the right tree. Every year we end up at the same expensive place buying a tree. It’s become a tradition.”

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