Happy Valentine’s Day!: Fun ways to celebrate, no matter who you’re with.

In the words of George MacDonald, “It is by loving, and not by being loved, that one can come nearest the soul of another.” Whether you are in a romantic relationship or single, MacDonald’s quote rings true for every type of love that one shares with another. As Valentine’s Day draws closer, there are a variety of fun activities that you can take part in to celebrate the holiday regardless of your relationship status.

For adventurous souls seeking a Valentine’s Day that involves traveling, there are many different options that are inexpensive yet memorable. Eastern University’s close proximity to Philadelphia, the “City of Brotherly Love,” allows for you to walk under a glittery skyline alongside your loved ones without having to travel an extensive distance. Specifically, Center City’s gorgeous fountains and intricate architecture provide a backdrop to a romantic (or platonic) evening. The wide-range of Philadelphia cuisines allows for further exploration of the city’s eateries. The beauty of the city illuminates the Valentine’s Day mood while helping loved ones forget the aggressive Philly driving as they make their brief journey home. 

For those seeking to stay away from the cold February weather, indoor options can involve an equivalent amount of adventure. Playing games using romantic comedy movies are cheap yet hilarious ways to get to know your loved ones. For example, you can pause well-known romantic comedies at random parts and take turns completing the last line that was stated. In addition to this, loved ones can purchase each other’s favorite snacks and participate in a “snack swap” to delve into delicious food while spending quality time alongside one another. 

As Valentine’s Day centers around feelings and expressions of love, celebrating this holiday does not have to be expensive nor extravagant. Going for walks surrounded by beautiful scenery or laughing over cheesy romantic comedies exemplify the simple ways that quality time can be spent with your loved ones.

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