Grill serves up new plan

The Breezeway Grill, located in Kea-Guffin Hall, is undoubtedly one of the hottest spots on Eastern’s campus. The grill is usually packed full of hungry students at lunchtime, with many more students opting to get a quick take-out meal between classes. If the Breezeway has any shortcomings at all, it would be the lack of space in the dining room; there are far fewer tables than could possibly hope to meet the grill’s overwhelming popularity.

It had been rumored that these crunch problems are going to be solved by an expansion of the Breezeway, but until recently those reports were just that: rumors. However, in a decision that is sure to thrill students, Sodexho has decided that the Breezeway Grill will, in fact, be undergoing a major renovation and expansion.

Steve Jacke, Sodexho’s retail manager, confirmed that the Breezeway will be undergoing a major renovation sometime in the future. However, he could not provide any details on the renovations because the project is still in its earliest stages. “It’s not that we’re currently planning to do ‘a,’ but might later decide to do ‘b’ or that we’re deciding between ‘a,’ ‘b’ or ‘c,'” he said. “It’s that we don’t even have an ‘a’ yet.”

Jacke did acknowledge that there have been meetings with several architects and designers and that “there is definitely an architectural ‘something’ being worked on.”

Eileen Korman, the Breezeway’s cashier and public relations manager, said that the project will most likely begin after the end of the spring 2008 semester and hopefully conclude before the end of summer break.

While this might seem like a long way off, hopefully this major improvement to one of Eastern’s top hot spots will be worth the wait.

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