GodTube reviewed: The YouTube for Christians

Imagine creating a new Web site and a few months later seeing ComScore (a global Internet information provider) report four million unique visitors to your site in one month.

Welcome to the world of the creators of GodTube.com.

Based on the roaring success of YouTube.com, Godtube is the Christian alternative. The creators call it a “video-driven social network designed for both Christians and non-Christians to share the message and love of Christ.”

GodTube was named the fastest growing site on the Internet in August, according to data gathered by ComScore. As millions flock to the site to share, upload and watch videos, the commercial success of the site is quite evident.

But is commercial success overriding the aspired goal of its creators-spiritual success?

Communications Professor Kevin Maness said he would not be quick to judge the Web site. He sees it like any other Christian media outlet.

“The answer is going to be different for every user,” Maness said. “It has the potential to be great for some, a self-indulgence for others.”

Others see problems.

Youth Ministry Professor Darrell Pearson has more personal issues with it.

“I’m a little irritated when Christians copy the secular,” he said. “I just don’t like the lack of creativity.”

Sophomore Jeremy Morelock, majoring in youth ministry, thinks the site is a good idea. “However, Christians can isolate themselves from culture if they’re not careful,” he cautioned.

The creators of GodTube do not plan to limit themselves.

On Oct. 17, they announced that GodTube was expanding into the world of social networking. GodTube can now also be used as a family-friendly Facebook.

“Family-friendly? What’s that mean?” Maness said. “Some families will watch just about anything while others are much more conservative.”

Maness, Pearson and Morelock also see the benefit of the Web site.

“Some Christian things are supposed to be exclusive; let’s make this a refuge for Christians to go and be free,” Maness said. He also appreciates how kids can enjoy surfing for hours, while their parents do not have to worry about the adult content they will run into on YouTube.

Pearson sees the benefits of the online forums on GodTube where the Christian community can discuss certain videos.

Maness and Pearson both have no problem with it being a commercial enterprise. “GodTube is right on par with Bible publishers,” Pearson said. “And we need those.”

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