Global evolving: The impact of the Internet

In the 21st century, technology has advanced in such a way that people do not need to see each other to interact, walk out of the door to shop, own a building to administrate a business or even go to a doctor to receive a diagnosis on any symptoms that occur. All of these things can be done over the Internet. The Internet has become a staple in daily life. Its uses range from communication through e-mail or networking sites to getting homework to a professor on time. More and more are depending on the Internet for important things in their lives.

Eastern students depend on the Internet for academic purposes and also for entertainment. Much of the faculty uses the Blackboard Web site as an integral part of the curriculum. Students can upload assignments, find an electronic copy of a syllabus or even check grades by logging on with their screen name and password. Teachers and students also communicate through e-mail whenever necessary.

Considering the amount of people logged on to the network at the same time, Eastern’s connection is not always the fastest and sometime connection is lost altogether. There have been complaints about the inability to finish assignments, watch videos, play music or access Web sites. “I missed my brother on the radio because the Internet would not allow me to hook up to it. I tried multiple times and even tried another computer,” sophomore Amy Fischer said.

Since Eastern students place so much importance on the Internet working, it is not a welcome occurrence when their computers fail to connect to the network.

“I sometimes wish that I could buy my own modem,” first-year student Kristin Thompson said. Thompson said she has experienced the lack of connection very often. Many students are constantly frustrated with the fact that they cannot connect.

“The Internet is very important and it is very frustrating when I can not get on when I please,” sophomore Alexis Dunbar said.

The Internet itself poses a problem for people’s face-to-face interaction. As e-mail, instant messaging and networking sites have become more and more prevalent, there is less of a need to communicate and connect with people in the physical sense. No one needs to pick up a phone to speak to a friend or even walk out of the door to meet new people. The world is missing out on having real connections with other people by sitting behind a computer all day. There is a lack of intimacy in sending an e-mail or an instant message to another person. It is not even necessary to leave the house to go shopping or receive many kinds of services. This poses a problem to those employed in the retail industry. By shopping on the Internet, the customer is cutting out the middle man so there is no need to even have that employee. The owner of the company no longer will need to spend the money having someone working for them, but there will be less job opportunities.

The Internet has become something that everyone depends on for their own reasons. Be it getting a homework assignment to a teacher on time or just trying to get Christmas shopping done early, the Internet opens the doors to whole new world for everyone.

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