New Director of Security prepares to take his post

On Feb. 23, James Magee will assume the position of Director of Security, replacing Jack Sheehan, who is retiring after serving since April 1995.

“There will be no changes immediately,” Magee said. “We’ll try to keep things running the way they are, and if changes are warranted we’ll implement strategies to effect those changes.”

The director of security manages the security department, maintains records and files reports with the government.

“I have been shadowing Jack for a couple of weeks so there is a seamless transition,” Magee said. He has been working as a part-time security officer to learn about the university.

For the past five years, Magee has been Director of Pre-Trial Services of Chester County. His job is to ensure that individuals who are arrested receive the appropriate bail set according to the assumption of innocence in the Bill of Rights.

Before this position, Magee, who graduated from West Chester University with a degree in criminal justice, served as a police officer in West Chester for 25 years.

“Staff-wise and budget-wise, it’s similar to the department I run now,” he said, comparing Eastern’s security department to his current position in Chester County.

Accustomed to enforcing the law as a police officer, Magee will now switch perspectives and focus on crime prevention and the education of members of the university’s community.

“I’m really excited about coming here,” Magee said. “You’re building a kingdom here and I’d like to be a part of it.”

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