Give me coffee or give me death

We all know that wherever two or more students gather, caffeine is required, but due to the new change in its hours the Jammin’ Java is no longer open on Sunday nights.

Most students, myself included, spend all week saying things like, “I have to get work done this weekend. No fun for me.”

But, once Friday rolls around, the books hit the floor and the tried and true procrastinators kick up their feet and don’t return to those books until Sunday afternoon.

On Sunday night, the library becomes a haven for those who have put it all off and who will now spend the evening eating their words and cursing the gods of academia.

Without fail, I’m usually in the library on Sunday nights for several hours, and sometimes I may need a refill or two or three–I have a problem, ok?

So, with the Jammin’ Java closed, we dedicated students and caffeine addicts are robbed of an accessible source of fuel for our addiction. I find this completely unfair.

It takes roughly eight minutes to get to the nearest coffee supplier (Starbucks) from campus, about 10 minutes to order and receive your drink and eight minutes to get back.

So it takes close to a half an hour to get a much-needed cup of coffee on a Sunday night, when in reality I could just walk across to the Jammin’ Java and be back in about six minutes.

According to several Jammin’ Java employees, the hours were changed to Saturday night in an effort to keep students on campus and provide activities for those without cars.

Employees feel that the change has been unsuccessful. The employees at Jammin’ Java made roughly eight to 10 drinks during their hours of operation one Saturday night, whereas on Sundays the drink production was always far more substantial. It’s a loss in business revenue.

Not to mention, there are several clubs that meet on Sunday nights, as well as traffic to and from Sunday Night Worship. Campus is simply more alive and caffeine-hungry on Sunday nights. Don’t misunderstand me. I remember what it’s like to be without a car and to be bored on campus on a Saturday night.

I wouldn’t mind as much if the Jammin’ Java was actually being utilized, but it’s not. So don’t take it away when the majority of the student population is desperately craving caffeine on Sunday nights.


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