Get to know this year’s Mr. Eastern contestants

According to junior Beth Sherron, the coordinator for this year’s Mr. Eastern, there will be four different rounds in the competition. “We will have the talent section, lip-syncing, “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and, since the event is happening so close to Halloween, we will have them dress up for Halloween and make them bob for apples,”  Sherron said.

Bettie Ann Brigham, Daryl Hawkins, Dr. Lindy Backues and last year’s winner Drew Krupp will serve as judges. Krupp, who graduated last semester, is coming back to judge and hand down the crown of Mr. Eastern. The event will take place on Oct. 29 at 7 p.m. in the Dinning Commons.

Candidate Questions:
1. Major?
2. Favorite pastime?
3. Talent?
4. Why should you win?
5. What would you do with the $30 gift card if you win it as the prize?
6. How would you ask your crush out on a date?


Junior Jonathan Hodge

1. Communications–Mass Media
2. Dumpster dive with my friends.
3. Stand-up comedy.
4. Because I am tired of seniors winning. Also, I was close to winning last year.
5. I would either go to Wawa or Walmart.
6. I would ask her through The Waltonian.


Senior Mike Montgomery

1. Youth Ministry, Biblical Studies and Theology
2. I love to worship and lead worship.
3. I am probably doing a song I wrote titled, “I Don’t Deserve This Love.”
4. I am a cool guy who deserves to win this competition. Also, I am funny and talented.
5. I would probably just put it in the bank and use it to pay off the many loans I will owe after my graduation, or I will use it to buy pizza or a two liter of Coke.
6. If she doesn’t get my signals, I would say, “We are good friends but I want it to be more than that. I want to take you out on Friday and be blessed by your presence.”


Junior Jason Collier

1. Music Education
2. Play piano, sing and play Mario Kart.
3. I am planning to sing.
4. Because I am persistent.
5. I would probably spend it on iTunes or put it toward my trip to Europe in the spring to Austria, Germany and Czech Republic.
6. Would you allow me the honor of taking you out?


Senior Dominick Baruffi III

1. Theology
2. I like climbing things. I often climb trees, buildings and cars.
3. Poetry and motion.
4. I should win because I have nice toes, and I think whoever wins Mr. Eastern should have nice toes.
5. I would go out to dinner with Ken Hufnal (roommate) who lost, but he will just watch me eat.
6. Take her to a park in the evening as the sun is going down. I would sneak away for a moment and then surprise her by hanging upside-down in a
Spiderman suit, and then I will ask her out.


Senior Tommy McGrady

1. Biology
2. I love playing ultimate frisbee, dodgeball and football and I am also the director of Transformed, so that keeps me occupied.
3. Some impression.
4. I am just doing this for fun and to have a good time. I also want to make a fool out of myself.
5. I would probably go out with Ken and Dominick (roommates) to Kildare’s, and they can watch me eat.
6. I would probably ask (senior) Dave Miller to serenade her with his guitar, and then I will ask her.


Senior Kenneth Huffnal

1. History
2. Play football, baseball, being outdoors, mountain biking, searching for wildlife–I saw a rabbit the other day.
3. When in Rome…?
4. The competition is not there. I am not intimidated. I am ripped like a house. I am tall and dark. I am hungry–hungry for victory. Homecoming was just the appetizer. This is the main course.
5. I would go out to dinner with Dominick Baruffi (roommate) who lost, but he will just watch me eat.
6. I have a crush on you. Would you like to date me?

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