Free Movies

Thursday and Saturday nights at Eastern have become more fun than the “Night at the Museum,” because these nights are “Fantastic Four” just relaxing and being “Taken” away by the Late Night Movies at Eastern.

Yes, this spring semester the Student Activities office has started up a new trend of showing movies every Thursday at 11 p.m. and every Saturday at 10 p.m.

Paul Daigle, the brains behind this fun idea, discovered  a cheaper way of making this happen. “Last fall we showed only a few movies because we needed the legal rights to show the movies and that was very expensive,” Daigle said. “This semester we have something called the ‘Umbrella License,’ which allows us to a have a wide range of selection of movies from certain production companies.”

The movies are mainly shown in the McInnis Auditorium. When that location is occupied by other groups, the venue either changes to McInnis 300 or Eagle Great Room.

The list of movies that are going to be screened and their designated venues are all on the my.eastern calendar.

Daigle wanted the university to make full use of the Umbrella License and have as many students as possible enjoy the movies, which is why the selected movies for this semester are all back by popular demand. Daigle conducted a survey last fall of which movies students really wanted to watch and that is how he was able to come up with the list of movies for this semester.

Daigle thinks this will be a great way for students to save some money and still enjoy their weekend.

Paul Daigle would like to clarify that the Umbrella License does not allow watching free movies hosted by clubs or groups in the lounges. Club and group leaders must get his permission before the screening.

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