For the record

Junior Martha Larson

… go hang out with people from Lost on an island in Hawaii.

In reality, I am going to
Connecticut to hang out with
my family.   


Caleb Brooks

… go on a vacation to Florida and go to the beach every day. I might do a little bit of homework too.

I am going home to Baltimore, Md.

First-year Jessica Muni

… go to Italy, because I like it.

In reality, I am going to
Tennesse on a road trip with
my friends at Eastern.


Jake Galewski

… go surfing in California with my roommate (senior)Alex Jolicoeur.

I am, however, going home to Boston, Mass.


Jonathan Harris

… go on a missions trip.

This semester, I am
going home to North Jersey
and will snowboard.

Angélique Gravely

… get as many friends as I could and go to  Maine and then to Korea and maybe to China too.

I am going home to Maryland.

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