Five creepy music videos

1. “Thriller” by Michael Jackson:

At first glance, MJ’s dance with the living dead might not seem so scary, but just stare at his final glare at the end of the video, and you’ll see why it’s in this list. In addition to that, the ever-famous steps for the song were, believe it or not, creepy in the beginning, although it got a lot popular later on.

2. “Telephone” by Lady Gaga

Unsurprisingly, Gaga makes it to this list. From appearing naked to wearing coke cans as her hat in the video, Gaga goes all gaga when it comes to crazy and weird music videos.

3. “Disturbia” by Rihana

Dark make-up, weird creepy people just hanging around and grayish blue eyes (not the pretty ones) are just the few reasons why “Disturbia” is scary. Why go through a two-hour horror film when you can see one in just four minutes?

4. “Don’t Leave Me” by Pink

Of course she is in the list. Her music video makes it clear that domestic violence isn’t just the problems of women. Pushing her boyfriend/husband down the stairs and then stitching his wounds very carelessly is a creepy, if not weird, thing.

5. “Can’t be Tamed” by Miley Cyrus

We all know Miley was trying to show the world that she is no more a Disney starlet, but that does not mean she is allowed to get all jittery like that. Although in her defense, the song was good.

Information compiled by Choni Selden

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