Fashion Do’s and Do not’s

1. DO – Scarves and hats have no season. Fall and winter are the two seasons that are always bombarded with all sorts of scarves. Try some different colors–teal, red, brown, orange and other fall colors will just bring out the hue in you.

2. DO NOT – Style without sense is suicide! You might look stylish, but it is definitely unwise to wear miniskirts with long boots or Uggs. Leave the miniskirts at home and put on longer skirts, skinny jeans or leggings to go with the boots.

3. DO – If you see people wearing shiny, glittery clothing, it is crucial to know that they are not outdated.  Yes, sequins are back! So get out your mom and grandma’s party dresses and rev them up.

4. DO NOT – Leggings are my personal favorite. However, avoid bright colors if your legs aren’t something you want to draw attention to. Also, make sure they aren’t see-through.

5. DO – Unless they have Christmas prints, knits are in! Knits always give you that warm, casual look. They look good with skinny jeans, leggings and basically everything.

6. DO NOT – Knee-length stockings are only for super tall, super skinny models, so try to avoid them. If you really want to put them on, stay away from those bright, attention seeking pairs.

7. DO – Get the cozy and casual look with sweater dresses. They go great with heels in warm weather and with short boots in the cold.

8. DO NOT – Never wear eye shadow that has nothing in common with your outfit. It just makes you look like a clown. A bare eye is better than overkill. I personally think a simple eye-lining and mascara does the trick.

9. DO – Put on some jewelry, but not too much.  Jewelry speaks style, but when overdone it screams disaster. According to what you wear, sometimes just a tiny pendent works!

10. DO NOT – No one in this world should feel inclined to look fashionable all the time. It is not necessary to look the best every day. All that matters is the attitude you have towards yourself. Be smart and be creative–style will follow!

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