Fall intramurals prepare for playoffs


Ryan “Moe” Matteuci, head of intramurals and captain of The French Hippo, says that there are three factors that can make a great team in any intramural league: teamwork, a high level of athleticism and ensuring that the girls, who comprise 50 percent of the soccer teams, are solid players. “I think we have those three things,” Matteuci said of his team. “If we don’t win, I’ll be disappointed, but anything can happen.”

The French Hippo and the Feisty Goats have clearly dominated the Monday night league thus far. Edem United, named for first-year and captain Edem Appeah, who brings his passion for “football” from his native London, is tied for second with Team McLovin, ostensibly named for that summer blockbuster, Superbad.

The Flying Monkeys and the Killer Whales are tied for third with one win each, and in last place, Big Pouch Owns You is holding onto their sense of humor .

“I mean, we thought we’d win more games, but no one’s really surprised,” sophomore Lee Brewer of Team Pouch said.

The team, named for junior Mike Pouch’s dominance in Halo, has a decidedly different view of intramurals than Matteuci. “Teams that have tryouts and practices and obviously have plays set up are just ridiculous,” Brewer said.

Other Big Pouch members agree: winning the coveted intramural T-shirts is not paramount to the intramural experience.

Brian “SlyBri” Tervo, sophomore and team captain, added, “It brings out my inner child.”

Undefeated, Dallas’ Team leads the Wednesday night league. Junior Frank Rodgers attributes their wins to key players and solid backups. “Besides Jason Monte, who has most of our goals, we just like playing soccer, and we all played soccer in high school, so it’s fun and we have some practice, so it helps.” Rodgers, along with sophomore Monte and junior Isaac Martin, won two state championships as members of Christopher Dock Mennonite High School’s soccer team.

The Leprechauns are tied for second with the Abraham Weiners, named after junior Abe Weiner who is currently studying abroad. “Abe is the man!” junior Drew Krupp said. “We all love him and miss him while he is abroad. We want to win the title for Abe!”

The Incredibles II are in third, and fourth place is a toss-up between teams Shhh and Where’s Josh. Team Awesome, with 0 wins, falls in last place.

No matter what the team’s ranking, the players all have a good time. A typical Wednesday night includes hugs between opposing goalies, cheers of “That’s my roommate!” and wacky team T-shirts.

The outcome may seem predictable, but anything could still happen. According to sophomore Josh Hall of Shhh, “Our team has the power to beat anyone, however I can’t tell you that … shhh … “


Intramural volleyball is always full of surprises. From victory dances and final countdown chants, to ‘rally shorts’ and rowdy Ill Nasties fans, the games are always exciting.

“It’s a good way to compete without being too intense,” senior Kevin Strauch of Fundamentals on 3 said.

As always, confidence is present among each team, no matter what their record.

“When people sleep at night, they think of us,” sophomore Emily Martin of Dream Team said.

“We dance,” senior Steph Eft said of the Ill Nasties. “We never quit. Everything we do looks ridiculous.”

Two teams have been undefeated thus far in the leagues, leading the two divisions. Fundamentals on 3 attributes their success to having solid girls and relying on the basics of volleyball. You Don’t Know Jac has been a dominating force in intramural volleyball history and the chosen favorite by all the other teams.

“We’ve been a team for so long, we do well communicating,” senior captain Eric Walter said.

Still, nothing is certain. “There’s definitely a good chance we could face some tough competition in the finals,” Walter said.


Of all the intramurals, the 3v3 Men’s basketball league is by far the most intense. Guys leave the court dripping in sweat and with blood streaming down their legs.

Still, the fun atmosphere exists, seen most vividly by junior Pete Crawford’s decision to wear bright blue spandex shorts.

“When Pete wears spandex we usually win,” Shot Callas teammate junior Drew Krupp said. “Our team is supernatural and we’re growing exponentionally.”

The Callas are tied with Bauer 24 in one division, but beat Bauer when they met in the season. However, Bauer is not concerned.

“We’re gonna win our division-guaranteed,” junior Brandon Farraye of Bauer 24 said.

The Goodfellas are tied with these teams as well at 4-1, but feel confident. “We’re on a four-game win streak, so we got momentum,” senior Tim Reynolds said. The team attributes their streak to team unity. “Our passion for one another,” senior Trevor Wampler said in clarification.

The Transformers only have one win and have had some personnel issues, but come out their hardest every night, despite having a decent height disadvantage.

“We’re the flies on the dog of intramural basketball,” sophomore Tommy McGrady said.

Still, nothing can be determined until the playoffs, which begin for all leagues on Nov. 8.


Monday Co-Ed Soccer:

1. The French Hippo2. Feisty Goats3. Team McLovin4. Edem United5. Killer Whales6. Big Pouch Owns You 7. Flying Monkeys

Tuesday Co-Ed Volleyball:

Court 1 Division1. Fundamentals on 32. Ninja Force3. Moo Knucks4. Barracudas5. John Stamos6. A Team7. Touchiest Toast

Court 2 Division1. You Don’t Know Jac2. The Chronic Doom!3. Dream Team4. Ambiturners5. Ill Nastys6. The Riveters7. Feet of Happiness

Wednesday Co-Ed Soccer

1. Dallas’ Team2. The Abraham Weiners3. Leprechauns4. Incredibles II5. Where’s Josh6. Shhhhh7. Team Awesome

Thursday Basketball:

Court 1 Division1. The Goodfellas2. Bauer 243. Shot Callas4. The Republic5. Transformers6. The Punisher

Court 2 Division1. Team Sandman2. White Men Can Jump3. Jamal’s Caucasian Invasion4. Jesus Style Hollar5. Impossible is Nothing

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