Extreme Makeover

We have all noticed the new printers. We have all been mesmerized by the electric stapler. But how many students are aware of Warner Library’s new Films on Demand program for business and economic research?

This semester, Eastern’s library is undergoing some major changes and renovations. Most of these changes involve the transition from print to digital formats. For example, the library is currently working with the Waltonian to provide issues of the student newspaper in an electronic, searchable database.

Warner Library is also taking steps to incorporate more eBooks into its virtual library. The library staff has found this to be a beneficial and practical change because eBooks do not take up shelf space and can be read by more than one student at a time.

“Many students do not realize what a valuable resource these eBooks can be,” said librarian Joy Dlugosz.

Eastern students have access to over 50,000 academic books through Eastern’s free ebrary in addition to the 20,000 available through the EBSCOhost database. These eBooks can be searched digitally from the comfort of a coffee shop or dorm room, and can be used for research papers and other assignments. The ebrary and EBSCOhost can both be found on the Warner Library portion of Eastern’s website.

Having trouble finding a book in the ebrary? Dlugosz advises that students contact one of the 7 librarians who work for Warner. “This is what we do,” she said. “Our knowledge is research.”

Warner Library has also purchased a new series of Films on Demand. These films center on the subjects of Business and Economics and include videos from ABC News, BBC, Cambridge Educational and more. They can be accessed through the Media Collection tab on the library’s Web site. If the films generate enough interest, Warner will move on to purchase the Humanities Collection, featuring over 4,000 films.

In addition to these changes, Warner Library will be hosting several events over the next few months. First of all, in celebration of the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Bible, a replica of the original will be on display from October 10-21.

On December 7 from 9pm to midnight, the library will host a doughnut night. Doughnuts and coffee will be served to motivate and energize students for finals week.

Do not forget to keep your eyes open for these exciting changes and take advantage of Warner Library’s brand new resources.

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