EU dining offers more

Ask the upperclassmen and they’ll tell you about how they have long awaited a change in the Dining Common’s hours: changes that would cater to those who do not have open time in their schedule to eat due to the restricted hours. It is a pleasure to announce that the wait is over.

The Dining Commons is now open from 7:30am-7:00pm, Monday through Friday; with the Simply-To-Go option still available all day on Monday through Friday. These changes were made in order to accommodate students’ varying schedules.

Another big change is the new “My Zone” line that features gluten-free, seasoning-free, and oil free food. This line is available Monday through Friday.

 “Since there are student teachers and students participating in internships, we have introduced the 7 meal plan which allows them to have more Flex dollars and less meals since they are not on campus as much as some of the other students,” said Michael Kenis, General Manager of Eastern Sodexo Services. “Also we have introduced the unlimited meal plan so a student can come into the Dining Commons any time, whether it be for a meal or just a drink.”

Michael Kenis, along with other Sodexo workers, have received positive feedback on these changes from students. “The upper classmen seem to like the in and out privileges that the unlimited meal plan offers,” Kenis said. “We have received good comments from quite a few students on the “My Zone” line as well.”

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