Eastern’s own Christina Jackson named “Holistic Nurse of the Year”

The term “holistic” has been part of the American vocabulary since 1926. It has been used in scientific circles, the world of anthropology and even economics. In the medical sphere, the term has been used to describe a more involved method of preventing and treating illnesses, accounting for the mind and spirit as well as the body.

Recently, Eastern’s very own Christina Jackson was honored by The American Holistic Nurses Association by awarding her the title “Holistic Nurse of the Year.” Eastern University is one of only 14 universities across America endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Certification Corporation.

When asked how she defined “holistic,” Jackson described it as “a specialty within nursing that takes into account the whole person.” Citing the example of an injured college athlete, Jackson explains that, in her field of nursing, such an injury must be seen as more than just a physical ailment, but as something that can have deeper emotional effects including a possible existential crisis with lasting repercussions.

According to Jackson, holistic medicine goes deeper than what the typical hospitals or doctors often do. Holistic healing deals with the long-term effects injuries may have on a patient. Even minor or short-term injury can have lasting effects, since they can prevent the patients from participating in activities that they love and enjoy.

Jackson also works as a pilates instructor, the associate editor for the Professional Journal Holistic Nursing Practice and a member of the review panel for the Journal of Holistic Nursing. In what free time she has left, she enjoys playing the piano.

Next year, Jackson’s son plans to attend Eastern University. He can take comfort knowing he will still be in the hands of the Holistic Nurse of the Year.

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