Eastern’s Ordinary People

We are all welcomed by the friendly faces that greet us in the cafeteria, but there is one face that stands out among the others: Dave Sanderson’s.

Sanderson, an Eastern-lover and affiliate for over forty years, is employed in Eastern’s Dining Commons and assists the supervisors. He is most commonly seen refilling and cleaning the drinking stations.

Sanderson is a 1973 graduate of Eastern who double-majored in psychology and elementary education.

While attending Eastern, he played basketball for two years and baseball for four. Shortly after graduation, he assisted the baseball team for two years and then went on to serve as the head coach for six years.

Sanderson worked in the education department for thirty-four years, twenty-two of which he worked as an elementary school principal.

“It’s always been an enjoyable experience for me,” Sanderson said. “I love the atmosphere, as a coach and an employee, the students are great to be around, and I still keep in touch with friends from the past and present.”

Sanderson was introduced to the Dining Commons when the Director of the Food Service told Sanderson to get ahold of him if he wanted to do something after retirement.

“I wanted to try something different, something I would enjoy that was only part-time so I could spend more time with my family,” Sanderson said.

Not only is Sanderson a hard worker, but he is also well-loved by the students. “Dave’s a friendly guy and I’ve noticed that he really works hard,” first-year Nathan Strout said.

Other students, including senior Bill Brim, said that Sanderson is, “a very nice guy who makes me feel welcomed every time I attend the Dining Commons.”

A father of two girls, Sanderson, cherishes the time he spends at Eastern.

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