Eastern gets football program: Powder Puff style

Every fall, colleges across America experience the pageantry and excitement of college football.

When some think about classes beginning, others are thinking about the start of football season. For years, Eastern has not shared in this fine collegiate tradition, until now.

Sophomore and Pennswood RA, Brittany O’Neal, has been laying the foundation for a well organized powder-puff football league. Powder-puff has been a part of Eastern before, but the players were exclusively from Gough Hall.

O’Neal plans to form teams from each hall that will compete in a season during September and October.

“It will create unity among dorms, forge bonds, and is a great opportunity to meet new people,” she said.

O’Neal is also hoping to bring some traditions to Eastern’s campus with the arrival of powder-puff football.

Student Activities Board director Shannon Hartsock, has gotten on board and is helping O’Neal prepare for the season and find field space.

In addition, the alumni office has agreed to sponsor the league. The games will most likely be held on the soccer and field hockey fields.

“Last spring we had over 100 girls who were interested in participating,” O’Neal said. “We will also have a table set up at the club fair and opportunities to sign-up.”

Powder-puff is not only extending its arm to girls but to guys also. The various teams will need coaches and O’Neal is encouraging guys to sign up.

She also encourages people to contact her with questions and suggestions on how to bring this season to life in the best way possible.

Penn State vs. Ohio State? Forget about it. O’Neal envisions creating rivals like Doane vs. NCH or Gough vs. Gallup.

“We are going to bring excitement to this campus and instill some dorm pride,” O’Nealsaid.

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