Eastern e-mail woes

As we’re sure many of you already know, the e-mail server used by the university is not exactly the picture of perfection – or stability.

Over the past few weeks since we have been back on campus, the server has shut down almost daily and sometimes for long periods of time, which means if you e-mailed a paper to yourself to print in the library, you’re stuck.

As a newspaper staff who relies on e-mails to transfer article drafts, contact information and photographs, this issue has become increasingly frustrating.

There could be a number of reasons for the inconsistency of the server, such as viruses or simply the amount of people logging on at the same time.

From what we have heard, administrative computing is actively looking into the issue to determine what is causing the frequent failures.

We plan to investigate the matter ourselves for our next issue and keep you all posted.
In other news, anyone know why Jammin’ Java is no longer opened Sunday evenings.  We need our late night caffeine fix!

– The Editorial Staff

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