Eastern creates its first official logo

In June, the University embarked on an innovative symbol as a representation of Eastern and its beliefs.

The new logo is Eastern’s first official logo.

Prior to the new logo, Eastern had been using its official seal. The seal was originally revised in 1932 from the Seminary seal and was modified numerous times.

Although the seal is known, loved and will continue to be used on diplomas and certificates, the school needed a logo for marketing purposes. The seal was lacking the symbolic representation for the progressively modernized university. The most current revision of the seal was about 10 years ago, so Eastern was certainly in need of updating.

The university undoubtedly achieved what they were looking for with this representation of the traditional and contemporary Eastern University. The new logo is in the shape of a shield to signify strength in our University, its students, faculty and academics.

The shield also reflects back to Biblical passages of protection and represents more of the classical Eastern.

The “E” stands for the name of the University and the curving break above the “E” symbolizes the horizon, a creative way to denote the future of Eastern in every aspect of education: outreach, impact, love, anything that we as a University may bring to the world.

The year, at the bottom of the shield, 1925, is in honor of when the seminary began.

Incorporated into 1925 is a cross. This represents Eastern’s religious background and our commitment of integrating God into the higher education which Eastern has offered for most of the century.

Although many of the attributes of the shield represent the old Eastern, the style of the new logo has been modernized.

Standing beside the shield are the words “Eastern University” written large, loud and proud. Written smaller but still very visible is “faith, reason, justice” unmistakably stating what the University is all about.

The new logo is sure to be recognized on everything from T-shirts to podiums, making it very clear what Eastern is all about.

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