Eagles take nose dive

Eastern men’s basketball has had its ups and downs this year. The team had a strong start with a string of wins. 

It also claimed its first two conference games of the season and lost its third game by three points to the current number one team, DeSales. But the team this year, if nothing else, has been hot and cold. 

The team has played 20 games this season, and with only one exception, all of Eastern’s wins and losses are grouped together. Two different four-game win steaks have helped lift the Eagles but a four-game losing streak, including three conference games, has put the Eagles in a hole. “We need to be more consistent with our effort and focus,” Head coach Matt Nadelhoffer said. 

The Eagles’ two four-game losing streaks are the reason for all six of the team’s conference losses. The team is 4-6 in conference play and, with its most recent lose against Misericordia, is no longer in control of its own playoff destiny. 

Overall, the team is 11-9 and will need to put a series of wins together in order to have a chance to make the playoffs. The team is currently in a four game losing streak. The good news is if the team gets hot a trip to the playoffs is very possible.

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