Dreaming Under Mercury work hard for crowd support at Trocadero Theater

On August 27, popular local band Dreaming Under Mercury performed at the Trocadero Theater in Philadelphia.

Dreaming Under Mercury was started by former Eastern student Luk Eccles in 2002; Eccles is the vocalist of the band and plays guitar. Another former Eastern student, Cliff Homan, plays lead guitar and Eastern junior Brendon Krout plays bass.

The band has recently overcome difficulties as their former drummer, Anthony Morgan, was in a coma for five months. In March of 2005, they found a replacement, Bill Crang, and, after several months without performing, got back in the circuit.

They have a few more shows lined up for this year and are currently working on releasing a new album.

Doors opened at seven and a modest crowd of teenagers filed into the Trocadero. Dreaming Under Mercury was the opening band and their energetic music set the mood for the evening.

There was a lack of crowd participation as the show progressed, despite attempts on the band’s part to get the crowd involved.

Their closing number, “Suppose,” displayed a burst of originality and creativity and garnered crowd support which seemed lacking earlier in the show. The band’s stage presence and enthusiam for their music sold them as a worthwhile act.

“We would like to make a career out of this. That’s our ultimate goal. Not to be rock stars or millionaires, but to just make a living,” Eccles said after the performance.

It is this kind of attitude and determination that will carry them through upcoming shows and boost their popularity. After all, quality music is not the result of inflated egos. Bands that work hard and interact with their fans gain more respect and produce better music.

Dreaming Under Mercury is one of those bands.

For news and updates on the band, check www.dreamingun dermercury.com.

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