Dream team or bust?

The Eagles’ offensive line is atrocious. Anyone who has watched any of the Eagles’ pre-season games should know exactly what I am talking about. Two of their starters on the offensive line are rookies- center Jason Kelce and right guard Danny Watkins. If the Eagles are going to improve on their O-Line, their veterans will have to improve on both their play and their mentorship to the younger players.

Michael Vick is a mobile quarterback, and I think his mobility will bail out his offensive line at times; but Vick cannot be running for his life on every play.

In 2006 Nnamdi Asomugha had eight interceptions, 11 passes defended and was selected to go to the Pro Bowl. He established himself as an elite corner back. Since Asomugha’s break-through year, he has had three interceptions and 26 passes defended in 60 games. Those are not “elite cornerback” stats.

For all of my DeSean Jackson fans who think he is one of the best wide receivers in the game, so far three NFL seasons he has caught seventeen touchdown passes. Not necessarily an elite one. Defense wins championships and I don’t think that the Eagles’ defense is strong enough to get them there. Having three high-profile cornerbacks is 100% unnecessary. The Eagles have gotten smaller on defense and are starting Casey Mathews, a rookie middle linebacker on defense. The Eagles did not have a top ten defense last year and I don’t see that changing this year. Andy Reid is the longest tenured coach that has not won a Super Bowl.

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