Dorm Room Workout: Insight on staying fit in the midst of a pandemic.

With the COVID-19 gym regulations, it can be difficult to find time to get a workout in, but dorm room
workouts can be just as effective and convenient.

Since gyms closed, fitness centers and influencers have been posting their at-home routines for anyone to follow along. Gyms have opened up again, but some may not be comfortable getting back in the gym and on the equipment. Dorm room workouts are a great way to stay in shape and stay healthy.

Dorm room workouts can vary based on a person’s activity level, schedule, and preference in exercise. One of my favorite dorm room workouts involves a lot of body weight exercises. One of my favorite trainers, @gainsbybrains on Instagram, has a variety of bodyweight workouts training different parts of the body. Her workouts are intense and sweaty, but they can be performed virtually anywhere. The workouts consist of lunges, squats, planks, and exercises I never even heard of. Body weight workouts are especially convenient in dorm rooms because they don’t require any equipment and only a limited
amount of space.

Another great dorm room workout is resistance exercises using a resistance band. Bands provide extra resistance to workouts to help maintain or build muscle. My favorite resistance bands and workouts are by @marillewellyn. Her workouts are great to perform in a dorm room because of the intense burn using smaller movements. Some resistance band workouts include squats, thrusts, and kickbacks.

For those who like a little more weight, common, every-day items can push workouts to the next level. Students can use a book bag filled with books, a bottle of laundry detergent, and a gallon of water or milk. Using towels when moving hands or feet can also add a good amount of resistance to a person’s strength training.

The bottom line is that students can still stay active, even when staying away from the gym. Influencers and trainers have been posting a wide range of at-home workouts for all levels of intensity. Dorm room workouts are fun, challenging, and safe during these times of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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