Don’t Forget to Registration: Class registration begins early November.

It’s that time of the year again, when the semester still feels like it’s in full swing, and yet, we have to start thinking about next semester. The schedules and class lists for Spring 2022 have been published; to find them, log into your MyEastern page, click on the Academic Plan-Registration tab, and click on Student Planning. This will take you to your current semester’s schedule, and from there, you can click on the tab for your progress or the tab for planning and scheduling.

Getting the classes you need for your major is important to stay on track for graduation. I’ve found my progress page to be super helpful for that! I can see my GPA, my credits earned, and a breakdown of my required classes in various categories highlighted in red, yellow, and green. If you’re having trouble organizing your classes or figuring out the right sequence to take classes in, that’s what your academic advisor is for! Most of them will make time to talk you through your course load if you reach out by email, and everyone has to have their courses approved by their advisor before they can register.

However, if you have some extra time in your schedule, you might want to check out some classes that will nourish a different part of your brain! If you’re a STEM major, try out a theatre or a dance class; if you’re a humanities major, see if there’s an entry-level class in a subject out of your ballpark that has openings, like an astronomy class or a psychology class. There are a handful of one credit elective classes as well, which are only an hour each week. I always try to balance my course load so I’m not doing too much of the same thing. It’s easy to overload our brains and burn out in college, and scheduling carefully is one way to avoid exhausting ourselves.

Registration is staggered depending on the quantity of credits you have. If you have more than 73 credits, you can register Nov. 2. If you’re between 32 and 72.99, you’re on the third, and any amount below 30 means you register on Nov. 4. Make sure to set a timer and have your classes organized by then to make sure you get the schedule you want; good luck!

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