Doane Hall Hanging

Perched atop the hill, keeping watch over campus, Doane Hall would be the perfect setting for a typical low-budget horror film.

The building, constructed in the 1910s, even has its own ghost story.

According to the Web site, students have reported finding rope and seeing feet dangling below the door of a bathroom stall on the third floor.

Whose feet are they? The story states that a female student (not Suzie Walton) hung herself in one of the third floor bathrooms and her ghost now haunts the floor.  claims that if a chair is placed in the middle of the correct room and the door is shut, the chair will topple, followed by the sound of a female gasping for air.

Two years ago some students decided to test the legend by placing chairs in every bathroom on the third floor. None of the chairs fell over. Some accounts of the story say she hung herself in one of the actual rooms instead of a bathroom.

Dr. Boehlke said he was not familiar with the Doane ghost story but was curious to find out how long it has been circulating around campus. Several Web sites dedicated to tracing paranormal activity have posts regarding the hanging, but no evidence has surfaced.

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