The Dining Commons

While there are multiple places on campus that students choose from, the best, in my opinion, is the Dining Commons. Of course, you might select morning coffee with an easy riser or get a late-night meal, but the Dining Commons provides more, and here’s why.

The Dining Commons gives more variety. Every day of the week you can choose what you want to eat. Might have pizza one day, a wrap another, something from the grill, or determine what is in the mainline. The dining commons have that and even a vegan section. Other spots on campus stick to the same menu, and it is always good to try new things. What makes the Dining Commons shine are three days of something special for students to enjoy.

The Dining Commons have ice cream sundaes Thursdays. Every Thursday, students can choose whether or not they want to have dessert after their meal. This is a nice touch to the end of a week. These sweets are better because the sundaes will have warm brownies, water ice, and multiple flavor options at times. But what completes the sundaes are the endless options for toppings. Choose from chocolate sprinkles, oreo, cherries, whipped cream, caramel, or chocolate syrup. No other place on campus can provide that unless you want to spend flex dollars on ice cream.

Another day that gets a lot of traction is chicken nugget Fridays. Every lunch at the Dining Commons is crowded on Fridays because who doesn’t love chicken nuggets? Students will wait in long lines to choose from vegan, regular, or buffalo nuggets with broccoli and potato wedges as a side. Friday is the best day the Dining Commons has regarding food quality. While all the options on the mainline are all fried items, that says a lot for some of the food made throughout the week. However, it’s a nice change of taste away from other eating locations’ popular items.

Finally, a nice meal to end the week at the Dining Commons is brunch Sundays. This might not be special to anyone, but when it comes down to hanging out with friends, brunch is a great way to spend time with them. Talking to anyone over food is very memorable for college students. Brunch is an excellent way to end a week, whether to get to know someone once you meet them, experience new friend groups, or tell stories and jokes. The Dining Commons is the best place to eat on campus, in my opinion.

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