Zime is one of the best places on campus to eat. They offer a wide variety of breakfast and lunch options for students. They have sandwiches, salads, fruit and yogurt parfaits students can grab and go. They offer their own versions of Starbucks drinks for students who are not able to go get it. While it is closed on weekends, they are open all day during the week unlike the Dining Commons who close at certain times. 

Their breakfast sandwiches are a huge hit for students on campus. They are eggs, bacon, and cheese on a bagel, English muffin or croissant. Students are able to pick what they want and on Fridays they offer sausage in case students would rather have that over bacon. It has a nice sitting area for students to relax and do work while talking with friends. It is the spot on campus where all your friends are. In the Dining Commons, you are scrambling for a booth to sit at. In Zime, you have tables inside the cafe part and out in the lobby to sit at. If you do not want a table, there are couches with small tables in front that you can sit at. 

Breezeway does not offer a wide selection of food. It has different hours than the rest of the food places on campus and sometimes they do not have the food you want. Zime is the backbone of Eastern and it is always packed with students getting food or coffee. It is also on the other side of campus and some students do not feel like walking there to get food. Zime is an easy grab and go spot or dine in location.

Many students enjoy eating off campus but it can be expensive for some students. A popular spot around Eastern’s campus is Chipotle. If you do not have a car, it can be hard to get to. Doordash can be very expensive and some people do not like asking friends for rides to places. While Zime may not have what Chipotle offers, it is a place students do not have to worry about spending money on. We pay for the meal plan, and might as well use it when we can. Each place on campus has their pros and cons but Zime is the better option at Eastern. It has coffee and a lot of different food selections to suit your needs for any time of the day. It is the busiest spot on campus because of this.

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