Easy, Breezy, Beautiful: Breezeway.

Breezeway is the underrated underdog of the on campus eateries at Eastern. It’s there when nothing else is, it’s open late and is perfect for satisfying the late night hunger that most college students experience after they accidentally skip dinner due to an overwhelming study session. 

Breezeway is the perfect option for any student living on the Gough side of campus. For commuters and Eagle/Sparrowk students, breezeway might feel like a bit of an unnecessary trek, but for the rest of Eastern’s students, Breezeway is the nearby, convenient location for any late night urges.

At Breezeway, its not about the quality of the food, but it’s about the environment, the people, and the prime late night study snacks. 

While the menu options may be limited, they are not exactly intended to be eaten as a full meal on their own, and honestly, there are about as many menu  items available at Breezeway as there are at Zime. 

It really all comes down to personal preference and which foods you like more, and which foods you are craving. I am writing this article while chowing down on a turkey melt from Breezeway, and I had a chicken caesar flatbread from zime earlier. I would not have been able to have both of these options available to me at all time throughout the day. 

I am a night eater, so being able to get warm food later in the day, after the dining commons closes and while Zime is starting to wrap up for the night, is very convenient, and I don’t have to walk all the way across campus to do so. 

I used to either drive to Wawa or Doordash something when I found myself with a craving for food late at night, but I have recently started switching my routine to Breezeway instead. The luxury of being able to use my meal swipes for some of the best mozzarella sticks, well, triangles, is an absolute steal, and helps me make the most out of my required student meal plan.

There is no denying the distinct change in atmosphere that comes in entering any of the dining options on Eastern’s campus. Breezeway is no exception. 

Breezeway has two different atmospheres depending on the time of day, if you go early enough, its nice and quiet and you get your food rather quickly. If you go later in the evening you’re welcomed into a lively atmosphere of conversations galore and maybe even some healthy competitions using the pool table.

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