Dia del Este

Eastern’s campus was transformed for Dia del Este, a party that spanned more than 24 hours and included games, movies, karaoke and prizes.

“I’ve never seen so many people at Eastern so excited,” first-year Jamal Thomas said.

The festivities began at Eagle Hall, which hosted a night of camping games, among them an intense version of Spoons.

Afterwards, the party continued with events at other dorms-a Boy Meets World marathon and root beer keg in Gallup, a hoedown with square dancing and more games in Kea-Guffin and a carnival in the basement of Hainer with snow cones, popcorn and face-painting.

A highlight of the night for many students was the karaoke party in the Dining Commons. Some of the performances at this event were humorous, while others gave Eastern students the chance to show off their strong vocal skills.

Juniors Mark Ebner and Tim Luongo sang a memorable rendition of the Backstreet Boys’ classic “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).” Senior Karim McKenney and sophomore Olivia Bellard impressed many with their performance of the Ike and Tina Turner classic “Proud Mary.”

After karaoke, an ’80s movie marathon of Back to the Future, Karate Kid and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off ran in the McInnis Auditorium from midnight to 6 a.m. in order to bridge the gap between Friday and Saturday activities.

Doane got things started on Saturday with a fiesta that included nachos and virgin margaritas. Sophomore Steve Hedrick won the event’s top prize, an I.O.U. for $5, by breaking open “the indestructible box,” an object constructed with cardboard, plywood, 2×4’s and a metal chain.

The next scheduled event was mega-sized Dutch Blitz, a card game, in the main gym.

“I wish they had been doing this since my freshman year,” senior Drew Krupp said.

Of the events he had attended up to that point, Krupp said his favorite was Hainer’s carnival. Not only did he enjoy the snow cones, but his friend, junior Michael Malone, won a goldfish.

Sparrowk Hall hosted “Sparrowk Island,” an event they advertised as “like Coney Island but better.” There were games, music and a hotdog-eating contest.

However, the most impressive attraction was first-year Jacob “Eli” Wilson’s fire-breathing antics. With Sparrowk RD Calvin Skinner stationed dutifully behind him with a fire-extinguisher, Wilson at one point engulfed almost his entire body in flames.

“It was absolutely amazing,” junior Thea Lamberson said. “I wonder how someone learns to do that.”

The last residence hall event was held in Gough, where the contortionists in Eastern’s student body had the chance to shine in a Twister tournament. Fresh fruit smoothies were served as refreshments. Prizes included iPods and iTunes gift cards.

The party, which lasted longer than 24 hours, ended with an after-party featuring Eastern’s star-juggler, first-year Josh Horton, singer/songwriter Scott McKenna and the ambient rock band Centrevol.

All in all, the Student Activity Board’s most ambitious project this year was a huge success.

A slideshow featuring images from Dia del Este activities can be found online at waltonian.com.

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