David Rothwell takes on new position at Eastern

Even though he graduated in the spring, David Rothwell can still be seen all over the Eastern campus.

The 2008 alumnus is not taking any classes, yet he still lives in Gough Hall, serving as an RA as part of his full-time position with Student Development. The position, new this year, includes working as an assistant to several auxiliary services.

He works at the First Impressions desk, the Service Stop, the mail center and the copy center.

“I learn all four jobs so I can cover and fill in when needed,” Rothwell said.

Rothwell’s position also includes serving as an assistant RD in Gough. This year, he is taking on RA responsibilities, since one of the RAs dropped out before the year began. Rothwell, for the most part, serves as a typical RA, living in a room on his hall and holding different meetings and activities.

His responsibilities as an assistant RD are very needs-based, so the position may change every year in both location and content. Rothwell hopes that he can live in an on-campus apartment in the future. “It’s weird being a grown man and having your bed up on PVC pipes,” he said.

When he graduated in May, Rothwell had no idea he would end up at Eastern this fall. “It’s weird that my first real full-time job is in the place that trained me for the workplace,” he said.

“Since I just graduated last year, it can be hard to wear the hat of staff member, especially when I just wore the hat of student.”

In addition to being paid as a full-time employee and receiving a benefits package that includes room and board, Rothwell can attend graduate classes at Eastern’s expense.

In the far future, Rothwell would like to open up a counseling service, using his experiences from working with CCAS’s summer Equip program and Student Development.

“I feel that every individual needs someone to talk to, to have a connection with someone professional, not a friend or family,” Rothwell said.

However, for now, he is happy with the opportunity he has been given.

“I’m expecting grad school taking three years, but after that I still have a job,” Rothwell said. “I guess (I’ll end up) wherever the wind takes me. I might just be the next president of Eastern.”

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