Cross country player profile: Kristi Daniels

Senior Kristi Daniels’ laidback demeanor and humble approach to life may mask the fighter she truly is inside.

Kristi, a political science and English major, races for Eastern’s cross country team. She is equipped with the heart to someday work in human rights and humanitarian assistance.

However, her ability to compete almost ended completely after a horse stepped on Kristi’s foot. The accident caused a mild condition of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Kristi explained that the condition comes with a lot of pain. She did not let this stop her.

With support from Head Athletic Trainer John Post, Coach Eric Mundy and her teammates, she has bounced back and set personal records in each race she has run this year.

Accomplishing such great things after an injury is a huge feat in itself, especially since Kristi was out for so long. “It takes a lot of determination,” she said.

The team practiced throughout the week and had meets on Saturdays. “It’s not as hard as other sports because you can only run so much, but in order to balance it off with school, you need a lot of organization,” Kristi said.

Perhaps it’s the fact that Kristi has wanted to be Secretary of State since second grade that gives her so much inner strength. Maybe it is the enjoyment and freedom she said she experiences while runing that makes her a fighter. “When you’re out there, it’s just you and God,” Kristi said.

Kristi has overcome much and is not about to stop yet, living up to the words written across her cross-country T-shirt: “Run hard, Be strong, Think big.”

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