Community clothes

Every year in October The Community Clothes Charity holds a sale to raise money for a different charitable organization. This year, the proceeds go to The Overbrook School for the Blind. The money will go to their new aquatic center, which will provide instruction, education, recreation and therapeutic activities. The sale includes high-end items from such designers as Gucci, Chanel and Dior at greatly discounted prices. It is an event that many participate in every year.

In 1957, the Hospitalized Veteran’s Service of Pennsylvania was founded by Nancy Coates and some of her associates in order to pay professional musicians to supply music therapy to patients in the veteran’s hospitals. Many events were held to raise money, including theatre parties when new Broadway productions were previewed in Philadelphia, and the sale of new and gently-used designer clothing items donated by the founder and her friends.

By 1977, the hospitals had hired musicians to provide therapy, so the group found that it was no longer needed. Still, the ladies wanted to do something to alleviate the needs of others. They changed their focus to helping women and children and began the Community Clothes Charity.

In the past 10 years alone, over $1,300,000 has been raised and donated to programs such as the Family Support Services and the Children’s Aid Society. These organizations are geared toward helping families, especially children, overcome traumatic experiences. Today, they continue to gather donors to participate in this special annual event.

The Community Clothes Charity held at Village Hall is an event made for the patrons to have a comfortable shopping experience, participate in a worthy cause and find many wonderful and unique items at a greatly discounted price. The event offers a wide variety of items, from women and children’s clothing to gift items and accessories. Within the hall, “The Boutique” offers costume jewelry, belts, hats, accessories, scarves and handbags. The floor is overflowing with racks full of stylish suits, dresses, jackets, pants, ball gowns, party clothes and shoes. The clothing sizes range from petite to the new addition of plus sizes, thanks to a donor in the Midwest.

As you walk the floor, you can tell who is an experienced shopper. Going to the Community Clothes Charity event is a memorable tradition that many hold to simply because it is a great way to have a good time and do something beneficial for others.

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