Business Department rated highly in magazine

In the September/October issue of Business Reform Magazine, Eastern’s business department was evaluated in comparison to other Christian schools.

The overall ranking is especially rewarding coming from Business Reform Magazine, which is known for its high Christian standards.

“From what I read, it seems they have a really strong biblical base that integrates spirituality and business,” said senior business major Nathaniel Stutzman.

Stutzman was the first to present the article to the business department.

Eastern was rated number one in the category of “most entrepreneurial,” fifth in the category of “most biblical” and ninth in the category of “degree and course options.”

“First of all, I was happy to know how we were ranked,” said Dr. Josphat Yego, business professor.

An excerpt from the article reflects on the business department’s emphasis on faith integration:

“The Christian worldview and applications of Scripture to day-to-day situations are emphasized in Management courses. [Business as a Profession] pays particular attention to how one’s calling factors in to the business world and sets the basis for the rest of the program’s offerings.”

“I was particularly happy with [that] comment,” Yego said.

He added that “business as a profession” helps students to identify their “skills, weaknesses and interests and potential.”

According to Thomas, 95 percent of the professors are either current or former entrepreneurs.

“I think most of the professors are a good example of how they live their lives…[in] showing how you can be a Christian and be in the business world,” Thomas said.

Eastern’s business alumni have gone on to many different careers. According to Yego, one owns a daycare center, one owns a landscaping business and one owns a private school, which is funded by the government.

“I think our graduates, in their new jobs, are showing that they’ve learned valuable, useful skills from their classes,” Thomas said.

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