First-year election results close, re-vote planned

First-year elections were held from September 20-23. The offical results were announced on September 24.

Elected positions for the first-year class include president, senators and representatives. There were two seats open for senators and three seats open for representatives.

All three repesentative candidates, Aaron Little, Natalie Cisternas and Alison Cawley, won their seats.

With three people campaigning heavily for the two senate seats the offical election results were close.

Tim Reynolds came in with 114, Phil Storm with 116 and Shannen Shadel with 117 votes.

According to Erin Barefoot, parlimentarian for the SGA, due to the absence of plurality in voting, the votes were incredibly close. Each voter must vote for two senators, but many ballots had only one senator selected.

Phillip Storm, one of the candidates running for a senate seat, was understanding of the re-vote.

“I knew it was going to be a close race. I can understand why the re-election needs to take place. I have faith in the voters and God’s will. What is meant to happen will happen,” he said.

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