Building renamed in honor of board member

Mr. Conrad J. Fowler has been a part of the Eastern community for close to 30 years, and the school has honored his dedication to its legacy by recognizing him in a special way.

As of this year, the building that was formerly known as Heritage House will now officially be called Fowler Hall in recognition of the years of service and financial support that Fowler provided Eastern.

Fowler graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and eventually became a prominent executive of a major corporation. His commitment to the American Baptist Church led him to become passionate about Eastern and devote his support to the university. He became a board member in 1976 and was eventually named as chair.

Fowler, along with his wife Julia, have had a specific love for the planetarium and Eastern’s more unique programs, which led them to donate a significant amount of money in favor of the observatory. It is for this reason that the planetarium now bears the name of the Julia Fowler Planetarium.

“It’s one of the few ways that we can say thank you,” President David Black noted while discussing the university’s tribute to the couple. “Names symbolize our commitment and also allow students in the future to understand that the people whose names we attach to our buildings represent our values.”

The building that now bears the Fowler name represents what Eastern stands for as well as the legacy that has passed through the university.

Fowler was given the honorary title from the university of Trustee Emeritus as yet another way of thanking him for his more than three decades of commitment to faith, reason and justice.

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