Blue Valentine


If you are looking for a film that lets you walk out of the theater filled with feelings of contentment, satisfaction and a genuinely positive perspective on life, don’t see “Blue Valentine.”

Oscar nominees Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams give truly outstanding performances in their portrayal of a young couple who, after marrying quickly under stressful circumstances, struggles to cope with the developing problems and difficulties that emerge out of their evolving lifestyle.

The tumultuous plot is followed clearly throughout the film and marked only by flashbacks to the couple’s whimsical introduction, courtship and quick marriage. The script is simple yet arresting. A typical indie drama, the costumes are as cute as the quirky situations in which the flashbacks portray them falling madly in love.

However, the film continually reverts back to the problems the couple faces in the present, now with a daughter and unrealized potential going to waste. The intensity of the question that seems to be the theme of many relationships but few films: can two people who love one another weather the storm?

If you want a feel-good movie, don’t bother. But if you want to see a film that leaves you questioning relational dynamics, depth of affection and human reliability, go see “Blue Valentine.” Optimist or pessimist, take what you will. 

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