Best-selling books on display in Warner

Warner Library invites students to curl up with a bestseller.

The library’s new bestseller display is located on the main floor, between the computers and the study area.

Provided by McNaughton Book Services through the Brodart company, for a yearly fee the library will lease about 200 bestseller books at a time, replacing 10 to 20 every month or so.

Genres include biography and other non-fiction, fantasy, science fiction and detective stories.

Along with the books, catalog information is sent to the library’s own database. This immediately allows students to find the bestsellers through the library’s online catalog.

McNaughton provides bestseller books to 95 libraries in Pennsylvania. Used books selected from about 800 titles are refurbished and sent to libraries as ordered.

The library’s computer system will track how often a book is taken out in order to keep the collection updated monthly.

The library’s collection development librarian, Susan R. Joseph, chooses which books to order based on several bestseller lists. Joseph sought the opinions of both school faculty and the library’s staff in deciding which books to select.

This bestseller display was first suggested to Joseph by public services librarian Joy Dlugosz, who had seen a similar display at another library. Dlugosz learned more about it from a worker she knew there.

The books displayed are considered interesting texts for casual reading, much like the library’s paperback section on the main floor, but with more up-to-date selections available.

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