Basketball squads shoot for success in second half of season

The women’s basketball team is anything but weak-willed. Now more than halfway through the 2009-10 season, the positive spirit of Head Coach Katie Levis is still keeping expectations high for the team and for the school as a whole.

Having experienced both defeat and “good wins,” Levis is more than excited to see her team perform better in the remaining three weeks of the season. She stressed the importance of staying a step ahead.

“Like we have worked hard and improved, the other teams have also improved,” Levis said, demanding her girls to make a steady commitment to do well.

The team includes of only two upperclassmen, leaving the majority of the positions filled by young players who are inexperienced in college-level basketball. Nevertheless, Levis is optimistic that the girls will offer a lot to the team.

However, Levis said, the team’s biggest weakness is not its inexperience, but its inconsistent performance as a whole.

“We do not perform well all the time, which is why we don’t know how everything is going to come out,” she said.

For Levis, the biggest challenge as a coach is, “trying to take all the pieces and creating a team unit to work together.”

The team is working hard to tackle this obstacle of inconsistency. Their effort and focus on consistent play as a team has become their biggest strength, Levis said.

In addition to being energetic, the determined players have been putting in a lot of effort to do their best, despite the tough competitions.

 “The goal is to go with the expectation that we can win and the understanding that we need to play well,” Levis said.

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