Basketball program adds JV team

The formation of a junior varsity team will open a new chapter in Eastern basketball history. Recent graduate and Eagles basketball fan-favorite Ryan Livingston and men’s assistant coach James Joseph will be co-coaching.

“We are using it this year as a developmental year to develop guys in our program that are not ready to compete on the varsity level, but we feel can contribute in the future,” Livingston said.

The JV team will use the same defensive and offensive schemes as the varsity squad. The team currently has six definite JV players, in addition to some varsity players. Schools that the Eagles JV team will play include Cabrini, Elizabethtown, Valley Forge Christian and St. Joseph’s of Philadelphia.

According to Livingston, the team is excited to play the Hawks of St. Joe’s twice–home and away. The Hawks JV squad has produced the likes of 2004 All-American and current Orlando Magic rookie guard Jameer Nelson from Chester, PA.

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