Basketball jumps into action



You saw them in uniform for the first time this semester during Hoops Mania on Oct. 23. Before long, you will be seeing them play together on the court. 


There is one clear message in the gymnasium: The women’s basketball team is ready to roll.


Katie Levis, the head coach for the women’s team, has conveyed a lot of excitement about and commitment to the upcoming basketball season.  


“I am really happy with the hard work my girls have been putting in,” Levis said. 


There are 11 girls on the team with a good mixture of players from first-years to seniors. 


“We have a few new players and they are doing very well in terms of practicing and fitting in with the team,” Levis said. 


This is coach Levis’s third season at Eastern. Her team posted a 7-16 overall record last season. 


This year Levis is ready to do all that it takes to bring the best out of her team.  


“We are trying to create an identity for Eastern University’s women’s basketball team and we will take it slowly, one game at a time,” Levis said.


Levis can already see her players’ eagerness to win.


 “Seeing how the girls came together toward a common goal and being able to observe their individual growth is rewarding,” she said.


Levis believes in team spirit and loves to see “the girls support each other, not just inside but outside the court, too.”


The team started its preparation for the season last month. Apart from practicing regularly, the team also got involved in other group activities.


“We engaged ourselves into some team-involvement service projects, like doing community services,” Levis said.

Levis is eagerly looking forward to the season’s first game against Penn State Hazelton, which will take place on Nov. 18. 


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