Technology of the Future

 1. Fugifilm Real 3D W1 Digital Camera: Includes a camera, digital frame, and print center that can create 3D images you can see without those goofy, movie theater glasses.

 2. Dell’s Latitude Z: Does your computer battery always die? This laptop can be charged wirelessly.

 3. Gyro bike: Forget training wheels–the front wheel of this bike stays upright no matter how much you wobble.

 4. Ovation iDea Guitar: This acoustic guitar has a built-in MP3 recorder so you can save your masterpieces as you play. A “pickup” converts vibrations to voltage signals.

 5. Zeo Personal Sleep Coach: This headband senses your brain waves as you sleep and transfers the data to a bedside display. The next morning you can check out your REM, deep and light sleeping patterns.

 6. Nikon S1000-pj: Take pictures with this camera than immediately display them on the wall with the built-in pico projector.

 7. Optoma Pico PK-101: At four ounces, this is the slimmest mini-projector. Don’t let the small size fool you–the little guy can create 60-inch images.

 8. Lenovo ThinkPad W700 DS Mobile Workstation: Need more screen space? Just press the button on this laptop and a second LCD screen slides out from the main screen for 40 percent more screen space. 

 9. Taylor Digital Measuring Cup and Scale: Never mess up a recipe again with this digital utensil. With an internal scale and computer chip, you can convert weights instantly to whatever unit necessary.

10. Boeing Advanced Tactical Laser – Use beams, not bombs. After the successful testing of truck-mounted IED-destroying lasers, Boeing tried out this plane-mounted laser gun on Aug. 7. How precise is the beam? In the test, the laser destroyed a three-by-three foot target on the ground, with very little collateral damage.

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