Back to the basics: King of Prussia Church of Christ

Like many first-years, I suspect, I haven’t found a good church to call my home yet.

As part of my ongoing search, I visited King of Prussia Church of Christ on October 30.

If you are still looking for a church, this small church is well worth your time to check out.

The church has an optional Bible study at 9:30 a.m. before the main service starts at 10:30, which I attended.

The Bible study was a teaching on baptism, something the church feels strongly about.

It is a fairly small church, with an average Sunday morning attendance of about 130 people.

The worship service was completely a cappella, which may be unusual or familiar to you.

The main message was on Communion, followed by the act itself.

All the teaching was biblically sound, and everyone there was incredibly friendly.

If you haven’t found yourself a church yet, do yourself a favor and check this place out at least once.

If you need transportation, Bob Brown, who works at the school library can find you a ride.

For Brown, who attends, it is the focus on the Bible that makes King of Prussia Church of Christ so appealing.

“We’re just Christians trying to get everyone else to be one,” he said. “It’s in that sense non-denominational.”

He addded, “We’re just trying to get back to the Word of God as the basis for what we believe and practice.”

As for myself, I’m definitely visiting again next Sunday. Hope to see some new Eastern faces there!

With additional reporting by Rebecca Harwick

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