Arab World Ministries to hold silent auction

The Arab world is more than just a war-torn group of people. On Oct. 20, Arab World Ministries is sponsoring an auction at The Church of the Good Samaritan in Paoli to demonstrate just that. Colors and Textures is the third silent art auction given by AWM, providing beautiful glimpses into individuals and cultures, not just political and religious groups.

The photos being sold have been donated by local photojournalist, Chris Leaman. According to Gail Martin, associate U.S. director of AWM, Christians have a duty to learn more about this area of the globe. In an email interview Martin said, “The Arab world lies in the heart of the 10/40 window. The 10/40 window describes the area of the world between latitudes 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator, covering North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The window has in view most of the world’s greatest physical and spiritual need, most of the world’s least reached peoples and most of the governments that oppose Christianity.”

The mission of AWM is to share Christ with Muslims around the world. Jeremy Gimbel, director of communications at AWM, said in a phone interview that proceeds of the auction will go to AWM’s Top Priority Fund which is used to educate Christians about the Arab community, connect AWM to new churches, provide member care to current workers and recruit new workers. Outside of this fund, the organization also supports relief efforts to improve the quality of life, both spiritual and physical, in Muslim communities. “The Arab world is growing extremely rapidly,” Gimbel said. “We need to be out there sharing our faith.”

According to Gimbel, close to 200 people have attended the silent auction each of the previous years. This year, the draw of the event promises to be greater as the evening will also include a marketplace where guests can obtain Arab-inspired watercolors, t-shirts and Moroccan-made crafts.

Those who plan to attend the auction, which will begin at 7:00 p.m., are encouraged to register online at

For those interested in learning more about AWM or becoming involved in their ministry, simply go to their home website, As Martin said, “It’s a good time to learn about what God is doing in the Arab world. The news media paints one kind of picture. We can share another kind.”

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