Anthropology colloquia

Eastern has been hosting a series called, “On Knowing Humanity: Developing a Christian Anthropology.” It started this semester and will continue into next spring.

Eastern is hosting this series because, according to Dr. Eloise Meneses, the topics discussed are central to Eastern’s mission to bring faith, reason and justice together.

Also, the colloquia will unite the scientific world with the theological. This act is usually looked down on by the world. It is hoped that these discussions will help bring the class room to the whole campus.

Many students do not take anthropology courses, so this series will help them to understand how theology anthropology can be traced back to God.

“The series is exactly what Eastern is about,” Dr. Meneses said.

Each discussion will begin with a short lecture on an anthropological topic by a professional, and then two professors from Eastern will be given time to speak on the topic.

The next scheduled colloquia will be November 19. Dr. Eric Flett will be speaking, followed by Dr. R. J. Snell and Dr. Mary Stuart Van Leeuwen. A discussion will follow in which it is encouraged that those who are in attendance participate.

All colloquia will be held on Friday afternoons in the Baird Library, and refreshments will be served.


Anthropology Colloquia Schedule:

Nov. 19: Dr. Eric Flett (Theology, U. of London)

Feb. 25: Dr. David Bronkema (Anthropology, Yale U.)

Mar. 25: Dr. Eloise Meneses (Anthropology, U. California, San Diego)

Apr. 29: Dr. Ben Hartley (Missiology/ Church History, Boston U.)


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