Another thrilling success

“Paranormal Activity 2” is not the usual gory, gut wrenching Halloween film that we are used to watching. So grab the girlfriend, a bag of popcorn and a drink because it is certainly worth every dime.

It is a hard task in making a low budget film that attracts an audience, but the original “Paranormal Activity” as well as its “prequel” did exactly that with its name, suspense and witty humor.

The humor throughout the film keeps your attention and really lets you soak in to every sliding door, loud noise and rolling toy. During the usual horror film you may have to look away from the screen, but in “Paranormal Activity 2” you catch yourself engaged, glued to the screen waiting for the next demon “attack.”

In this “prequel,” you meet Katie’s older sister, Kristy, as well as her family. She’s married to Dan and has a stepdaughter, Ali, an infant son, Hunter, and a dog. After an apparent break-in at the beginning of the movie, Dan installs six cameras in different rooms all over the house. Throughout the movie, they check these surveillance tapes and realize weird things are happening throughout the house.

The stepdaughter researches, and finds on a web site that their great-grandmother made a deal with a demon for wealth in exchange of the first born son within their family. Like the usual horror film, the parents ignore her and tell her she’s being ridiculous.

“Paranormal Activity 2” clears up any questions from the first “Paranormal Activity.” This bone-chilling movie, with a unique filming style, is sure to make you jump and squeal when you are least expecting it. However, anyone who has seen the first movie knows where the second is headed towards the end.

Paramount spent only $3 million to make the film and is expecting no less then $25 million in return. “Paranormal Activity 2” looks to be a sure success and is certainly worth the hour and forty minutes.

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