AIDS relief workers arrested

On September 10, six AIDS relief workers were arrested in Zimbabwe under suspicion of administering drugs and health services to AIDS victims without a proper permit.

Four Americans from Allen Temple Baptist Church in Oakland, Calif. were among those accused, as well as someone from New Zealand and another from Zimbabwe. 

They were released on $200 bail and appeared in court on September 27.

Allen Temple Baptist Church clarified that it has been involved in administering AIDS vaccinations for many years and has never encountered issues regarding licenses. The church refused to make any other statements regarding the case at the advice of its attorneys.

The church began AIDS ministry in 1987, founded in part by the late Robert Scott who was the first African American licensed to practice medicine in Zimbabwe. The church has been working at Mother Of Peace Orphanage in Zimbabwe since 2001. 

Five days before the court appearance, charges were dropped on all six workers. Their attorney was confident about the case claiming that “the police were just being overzealous.” The health workers have no intention of stopping their work and are moving to secure proper licenses to eliminate any further difficulties.

Sources: Associated Baptist Press and

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