Activism on other college campuses

It is outlined in our school’s mission statement and integrated into the classes we take and the community of which we are a part. Eastern’s creed: faith, reason and justice is a doctrinal statement that is emphasized from the time students are first-years until they graduate and has become a realistic, physical presence around this campus.

There are various clubs and groups that reach out in the name of justice in society and the community around us, including YACHT, IJM, Habitat for Humanity and Speak. First-years are required to fulfill 40 service learning hours to benefit the community and increase their awareness of the injustices and the need for us to spread our faith to the communities around us.

Although Eastern makes addressing justice a big part of how our school functions, not much is done about correcting injustices after students complete INST 150. All of the clubs and other programs that Eastern sponsors are voluntary, and many students stop their community service after their first year. Here are some examples of what other colleges and universities do to be activists that we, as a united Christian community, can learn from.

In partnership with the chapter of YACHT that is on Eastern’s campus, many students choose to give their weekend lunches to YACHT in order to benefit some of the more needy people in the surrounding community and create awareness of the injustice of poverty. At universities such as Harvard and Stanford, small groups of students have been known to fast, drinking only Gatorade and water, to generate awareness regarding the issues that they wanted to bring attention to on their campuses.

Students at colleges and universities throughout the country create Facebook groups to reach the wide online audience. These groups have generated buzz about popular issues including children as soldiers, the Jena Six, injustice in Darfur, global hunger and human rights advocacy throughout the world.

Liberty University, one of Eastern’s benchmark schools, has clubs and organizations that include Action for Africa, Stand with Israel, Students Behind Our Soldiers and Bridging the Gap Urban Ministries.

There are many issues in today’s world that deserve attention and awareness. Oftentimes, because people don’t care enough to take action, the little issues get overlooked. As a Christian university, it is our duty to value justice and to act as Jesus would. The Bible says in Psalm 106:3, “Blessed are they who maintain justice, who constantly do what is right.”

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