A new look: Areas around campus get a facelift

This summer, Eastern underwent a “makeover” in many areas. These new improvements provide students with upgraded technology, nicer lounge spaces and comfortable hangout places to chat with friends. Make sure to check them out!

All of the ear-splitting construction noise paid off this summer, especially for the women at Eastern. The women’s bathroom on the first floor of Walton Hall took on a whole new appearance with more space, extra stalls and a comfortable seating area.

Jammin’ Java took on a fresh look with a beautiful new couch and seating area. Whether students are in need of coffee, studying, meeting, eating or just plain hanging out, Jammin’ Java is the place to be.

The Commuter Lounge is beginning the new school year with an innovative look! New couches, tables and chairs have been purchased and set up in a pleasing arrangement. Commuters can enjoy the new seating during their time between classes spent on campus.

Doane is one of Eastern’s oldest dorm buildings but by the look of the lounge’s brand new decor you never would have guessed it. The quality and comfort of the new furniture is a gorgeous improvement over past furnishings. Students may now hang out and study, watch TV or surf the web in a comfortable, homey atmosphere.

Warner Memorial Library purchased brand new monitors for their computers and upgraded their software to Windows 7. With Windows 7, students are now able to receive faster access to everything, manage open windows more easily, quickly find what they are looking for, connect to networks effortlessly and overall do more and wait less.

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