A Day with Dean Hawkins

Dean Daryl Hawkins is described by most Eastern students as a mysterious person. However, he is not like most other Dean of Students from other colleges. Rather, as the Dean of Students, he spends his time with the students and the Eastern community.
Although Dean Hawkins cannot reveal a specific work day, he reveals what his job is like. The Dean of Students is thought to be an intimidating figure, due to his role in disciplinary actions. However, he is more intimate than intimidating. Intimacy, as Dean Hawkins describes, is an unique feature to the faculty and staff at Eastern. Whenever he has time, Dean Hawkins tries to talk with the students and see how they are doing. During lunch, he tries to sit with the students and talk to them. To Dean Hawkins, interactions are an important aspect of his job. He recalls a time when his sister came to Eastern to visit several years back. She concluded that the Dean of Students or the Resident Directors would never sit with the students at all in the other schools that she had visited. At Eastern, the students can have stronger friendships with the faculty and staff. Moreover, intimacy is a necessary feature of Eastern University.
Everyone knows about the RD and the RA roles, but not many know about the importance of these roles to Dean Hawkins. To the Dean, each of these roles possesses equal importance. For example, when someone is missing in a hall, the RA will report to the RD. The RD will then report to the Dean that the student is absent, so that the problem can be resolved. Therefore, there must be intimacy in the school structure of Eastern. If one of the RAs doesn’t know all of the students on his or her hall, then there would be a problem when a student does not come

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